Optical Fibers and Fiber Lasers

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For our research and development activities we operate a fully equipped fiber-optic laboratory and an optical fiber drawing tower. Our group has the following applied research topics:

  • Specialty optical fibers
    Our activities cover the whole research and development process of new specialty optical fibers. This includes simulations, development of new materials, preform fabrication, fiber drawing, fiber characterization and testing. For fiber-fabrication we follow a different approach than widely used in industry. We fabricate optical fibers from granulates by the so called granulated-silica method. Our method gives us great freedom in the choice of used materials and the realization of new fiber-designs.

  • Fiber-optic light sources
    We focus on new approaches for generation and manipulation of light in optical fibers. Our main activities cover ultra-short pulses, new wavelengths, and ultra-stable and broadband light sources. We exploit light interaction effects with materials i.e. interaction with dopants in optical fibers or nonlinear effects occurring at high intensities in the core material of optical fibers.

  • Fiber-optic sensing
    We are working on new fiber optic sensors. Thereby, we exploit the physics of light propagation in optical fibers.

Many application oriented activities take place in tight collaboration with the Institute for Applied Laser, Photonics and Surface Technology, ALPS, of the Bern University of Applied Sciences (BUAS). Many of our applied projects are carried out in tight collaboration with the industry.

For further Information please contact Dr. Valerio Romano or Dr. Manuel Ryser.

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