Precision Engineering

Our group:

Precision Engineering

The Precision Engineering group develops novel thin film encapsulation technologies for conformal and flexible 3D encapsulation of electronics and mechatronic devices that are subject to harsh environments including e.g.

  • Thin film multilayers using organic and inorganic materials
  • PE-CVD thin film deposition, Atomic Layer Deposition
  • Precision Engineering for smart surgical instruments and medical devices (see below)


Smart Surgical Instruments and Medical Devices

The Smart Surgical Instruments and Medical Devices group focuses on developing novel and minimally invasive implantable devices, smart surgical instruments and related technologies. The group has developed implantable devices for the treatment of neurological disorders including hydrocephalus shunts, catheters and programmable infusion pumps for the treatment of spasticity and pain. Current Research projects include e.g.

  • ultrasonic devices for miniaturized scalpels in precision medicine and for scalers used in professional dental prophylaxis
  • Electrosurgical instruments for minimally invasive laparoscopic interventions
  • New materials and fabrication methods for Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty (PTCA) balloon catheters


Personalised Medicine

The Personalised Medicine research group develops and investigates novel technologies in medical image analysis and image-guided therapy. The research efforts focus on the development of automated technologies for patient-specific screening, diagnosis, treatment planning and treatment outcome prediction including

  • deep learning based anatomy segmentation
  • radiomics analysis
  • biomechanical analysis and personalised biomechanical simulation
  • anatomic morphological assessment and digital biopsy