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Exploration of the phase diagram of liquid water in the metastable region by means of synthetic fluid inclusions

This project was aimed at the fundamental understanding of the remarkable thermodynamic properties of water, specifically in the purely understood low temperature metastable region, by pursuing an experimental approach using synthetic pure water inclusions in quartz as microscopic sample cells capable of withstanding the large negative pressure needed to follow the trend of the TMD (Temperature of Maximum Density) line and the shape of the spinodal curve.

Combined deep optoacoustics and ultrasound for multimodal imaging of the human body

The focus of this project was the basic research for translating multimodal ultrasound (US) and optoacoustic (OA) imaging using a handheld integrated probe to clinical practice. This is promising for imaging vasculature oxygen saturation based on the blood absorption spectrum (optoacoustic) within the tissue’s anatomical context (ultrasound). A main challenge to a successful combination of OA with US still is to obtain a clinically useful imaging depth. Imaging depth is ultimately limited by signal-to-noise ratio, but – before that – by “clutter” (disturbing background signals) and ultrasound aberrations. With the goal to extend imaging depth to the noise limit, we develop novel clutter reduction as well as aberration correction techniques.