University of Bern

Institute of Applied Physics


Articles in Journals

Roxana Tarkeshian et al.: Transverse Space-Charge Field-Induced Plasma Dynamics for Ultraintense Electron-Beam Characterization, PRX, vol.: 8, pp.: 021039, 2018 doiDetails


James Rosenzweig, Brian Naranjo, Thomas Feuer, Roxana Tarkeshian, Mozghan Hayati: Laser Driven Dielectric Wakefield Acceleration, EAAC 2017, Elba, 26 Sep 2017Details
Mozghan Hayati et al.: Design concept for THz-driven electron streaking with ultrahigh resolution, EAAC 2017, Elba, 25 Sep 2017Details
Roxana Tarkeshian et al.: Plasma-based diagnostics of High-Brightness Electron Beams at the Frontiers of Temporal and Spatial Resolution, EAAC 2017, Elba, 25 Sep 2017Details
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