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Articles in Journals

Alexander Heidt, James S. Feehan, Jonathan H. V. Price, Thomas Feurer: Limits of coherent supercontinuum generation in normal dispersion fibers, Journal of the Optical Society of America B, vol.: 34, no.: 4, 2017Details
Alexander Heidt et al.: Improved retrieval of complex supercontinuum pulses from XFROG traces using a ptychographic algorithm, Optics Letters, vol.: 41, no.: 21, pp.: 4903, 2016 doiDetails

Chapters in Books

Alexander Heidt, Alexander Hartung, Hartmut Bartelt: Generation of ultrashort and coherent supercontinuum light pulses in all-normal dispersion fibers, in: The Supercontinuum Laser Source - The Ultimate White Light, ed.: Robert R. Alfano, pp. 247 - 280, edition: Third Edition, Springer, 2016Details

Articles in Conference Proceedings

Jonas Scheuner et al.: Advances in Optical Fibers Fabricated with Granulated Silica (invited), in: Optical Fiber Communication Conference, pp.: M2F.3, 2017 doi pdf [2.25 MB]Details


Manuel Ryser, Alexander Heidt, Thomas Feurer, Valerio Romano: Modelocked, Q-switched, or Q-switched modelocked operation of a fiber oscillator with a graphene oxide saturable absorber, SPIE Photonics West, Moscone Center, San Francisco, 15 Feb 2016 pdf [2.45 MB]Details


Alexander Heidt: Bio-photonic imaging using coherent fiber-based supercontinuum light sources (invited), African Laser Center Workshop on Laser Imaging, Stellenbosch, South Africa, 29 Nov 2016Details
Alexander Heidt: Ultrafast Fiber Lasers (Tutorial), 9th African Laser Center Student Workshop, Stellenbosch, South Africa, 24 Nov 2016Details
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