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Articles in Journals

Tobias Schweizer et al.: Attoclock Ptychography, Appl. Sci., vol.: 8, pp.: 1039, 2018 doiDetails
Alexander Heidt et al.: Improved retrieval of complex supercontinuum pulses from XFROG traces using a ptychographic algorithm, Optics Letters, vol.: 41, no.: 21, pp.: 4903, 2016 doiDetails
Dirk-Mathys Spangenberg, Michael Brügmann, Erich Rohwer, Thomas Feurer: All-optical implementation of a time-domain ptychographic pulse reconstruction setup, Applied Optics, vol.: 55, no.: 19, pp.: 5008, 2016 doiDetails
Matteo Lucchini et al.: Ptychographic reconstruction of attosecond pulses, Optics Express, vol.: 23, no.: 23, pp.: 248675, 2015 doiDetails
Dirk Spangenberg, Erich Rohwer, Michael Brügmann, Thomas Feurer: Ptychographic ultrafast pulse reconstruction, Optics Letters, vol.: 40, no.: 6, pp.: 1002, 2015 doiDetails
Dirk Spangenberg et al.: Time-domain ptychography, Physical Review A, vol.: 91, pp.: 021803, 2015 doiDetails
Michael H. Bruegmann, Thomas Feurer: Comparative theoretical analysis of continuous wave laser cutting of metals at 1 and 10 um wavelength, Appl. Phys. B, vol.: 114, 2014 doiDetails
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