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Details of Publication IAP ID 451

Type:Conference Proceedings
IAP ID:451
Authors:D. Maier N. Kämpfer W. Amacher M. Wüthrich J. De la Noe P. Ricaud P. Baron G. Beaudin C. Viguerie J.-R. Pardo J.-D. Gallego A. Barcia J. Cernicharo B. Ellison R. Siddans D. Matheson K. Künzi U. Klein B. Barry J. Louhi J. Mallat M. Gustafsson A. Räisänen A. Karpov
Title:EMCOR: a new radiometer for the measurement of minor constituents in the frequency range of 201 to 210 GHz
Title of proceedings:Proceedings of the 6th Specialist Meeting on Microwave Radiometry and Remote Sensing of the Environment
Volume:VSP 2000

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