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Details of Publication IAP ID 2629

Type:Articles in Journals
IAP ID:2629
Authors:G. A. Doschek K. T. Strong R. D. Bentley C. M. Brown J. L. Culhane A. Fludra E. Hiei J. Lang J.T. Mariska K. J. H. Phillips C. D. Pike A. C. Stirling T. Watanabe L. W. Acton M. E. Bruner T. Hirayama S. Tsuneta E. Rolli T. Kosugi M. Yoshimori H. S. Hudson T. R. Metcalf J.-P. Wuelser Y. Uchida Y. Ogawara
Title:The 1992 January 5 Flare at 13.3 UT: Observations from YOHKOH
Journal:The Astrophysical Journal

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